Mathematical Machines and Systems. 2009 #2


About Mstislav Vsevolodovich Keldysh / Akim E.L., Eneyev T.M. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. - 2009. -  N 2. - P. 3 - 7.

The life way of M.V.Keldysh is briefly outlined. M.V. Keldysh was the leader of theoretical investigations in the cosmonautics, the famous scientist and science manager. The personal memories of authors are included. Refs.: 1 titles.


    UDC 004.94: 532.59

About Boussinesq-type whole nonlinear equations and one order dispersion / Demchenko R.I., Dikiy P.V. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. - 2009. - N 2. - P. 8 - 27.

Alternative derivation of Boussinesq-type one-layer and two-layer nonlinear model of  order (  is dispersion parameter) written with terms of gradient of velocity potential is presented. The last is being determined on the fluid layers surface defined by free parameters. Both linear dispersion and nonlinear characteristics comparisons for Boussinesq-type models of the order  written with terms of the velocity vector equal to potential gradient defined on the arbitrary surface of the water layer, and with terms of the average velocity were fulfilled. Tabl.: 4. Figs.: 6. Refs.: 18 titles.

    UDC 004.051:004.89: 519.712.2

Structural adaptation of algorithms based on polymorphism / Shynkarenko V.I. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. - 2009. - N 2. - P. 28 - 44.

The technique of dynamic structural adaptation of algorithms is offered. It consists of such techniques: construction of meta-algorithm, analysis of efficiency of adaptive algorithm running and recommendations to algorithms synthesis. The application of method adaptation of sorting algorithm for with use of special design software is shown. Computational experiments were executed. Method adequacy was validated with results of adaptation in for theoretic researched special cases. Practical value of structural adaptation of algorithms was demonstrated at running with different input data. Tabl.: 1. Figs.: 4. Refs.: 16 titles.

    UDC 004.31, 538.945, 530145

Analysis of model of quantum computations / Belyaev A.K., Klimenko V.P. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. - 2009. - N 2. - P. 45 - 52.

In a brief abstract review an analysis over of quantum model of calculations is brought in classic presentation and in geometrical algebra. As a result of analysis the possibility of presentation of quantum model of calculations is shown in the symmetric group of transformations, particularly in the system of transformations defined on an abstract p-positional register. An estimation over of order of complete group of two-qubit quantum transformations is brought. Tabl.: 2. Fig.: 1. Diagr.: 2. Refs.: 15 titles.


UDC 004.032.26

Forming of fuzzy training sets for neural networks in problems of lossless data compression / Ivaskiv Yu.L., Levchenko V.V., Leschinsky O.L. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. - 2009. - N 2. - P. 53 - 60.

The features of training and functioning neural networks in problem of lossless data compression in the stream mode are considered. The method of forming of training sets using fuzzy presentation of output values is offered. The experimental analysis of influence of kind of membership function of fuzzy output value on the training process of network is executed. Tabl.: 1. Figs.: 9. Refs.: 21 titles.

UDC 519.682+531.6

On the History of Computer Algebra in the Soviet Union / Efimov G.B., Grosheva M.V. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. - 2009. - N 2. - P. 61 - 67.

In the paper we briefly discuss some stages of development and application of Computer Algebra (CA) and CA systems. The list of known Russian CA systems is presented. We also give the list of Conferences, Seminars and Books with papers in this branch of informatics. Refs.: 1 titles.

UDC 681.3.06

Constructing iterated formulas for solving differential equations systems with using expansion of functions with residuals / Tesler G.S., Gelembjuk P.V. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. - 2009. - N 2. - P. 68 - 75.

In the paper it is stated a method of constructing iterated formulas for approximating differential equations systems. The method is constructed with using the technology of expansion of functions with residuals. It is shown examples of using the described method for well known stiff differential systems. Tabl.: 1. Refs.: 8 titles.

UDC 004.7; 004.056/057

Modern state of information security in IP-telephony / Lytvynov V.V., Kazymyr V.V., Ryndych Y.V. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. - 2009. - N 2. - P. 76 - 84.

The information security analysis of modern IP-telephony systems was presented. Cryptosystem building schemes, common connection types of subscribers and most widespread cryptoalgorithms and VoIP protocols were analysed. Based on prepared analysis requirements to the complex protected VOIP-protocol  were formulated. Figs.: 6. Refs.: 24 titles.

UDC 519.7+ 004

The experience of building information-technological infrastructure of the territorially distributed enterprise / Lysetskyi Yu.M., Karevina N.P. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. - 2009. - N 2. - P. 85 - 93.

The issue of building the IT-infrastructure of territorially distributed enterprise is examined. The set of requirements for contemporary IT-infrastructures and corresponding functionality of the system is formulated, the sequence of tasks, which are solved during their integration is given. The experience of realization of project for the insurance company "PROVIDNA" is described. Fig.: 1. Refs.: 7 titles.


UDC 621.311.001.57

Simulation uncertainty based in the measurement of deviations from round / Cherednikov O.М., Cherednikov І.O., Borisov О.О. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. - 2009. - N 2. - P. 94 - 106.

Research of influence of chart of basing on the errors of measuring of parameters of geometrical exactness of turning rings is carried out the computer-aided engineering with the use of theory of the mathematical planning of experiments of the second order after the matrix of central rototable of composition plan. The design of three-point chart of measuring of roundless of internal surface is conducted for ovoid, that answer after a form the actual types of deviations from roundless of working surfaces of turning rings, measured on roundmeter. The got results of design allow to ground the use in production practice three point charts of measuring taking into account the specified correction coefficients. Figs.: 9. Refs.: 6 titles.

UDC 004.82 (045)

The characteristics of questioning experts when constructing logical models, complex object controlling / Vavilenkova A.I. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. - 2009. - N 2. - P. 107 - 112.

It is discussed the model of controlling in common case, and analysed its components, it is offered the method of expert questioning for getting a number of methods of influence on the object of controlling. It is demonstrated the main stages and methods of the expert questioning, formed questions in common view for questionnairing, the  subject field of which are complex objects of controlling. Fig.: 1. Refs.: 6 titles.

UDC 007; 681.3

Simulation modeling probabilistic systems of production / Goncharov О.М., Demidenko O.M., Klimenko A.V., Maximey I.V., Smorodin V.S., Chirik I.K. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. - 2009. - N 2. - P. 113 - 116.

The method of formalization of probabilistic technological processes of production on the basis of construction of simulation model of the probabilistic network graph; the technology of the use of the automation design system of aggregate type for simulation models construction; the method of the use of the imitation complex for the decision of tasks for research of probabilistic technological processes of production are offered. Refs.: 4 titles.

UDC 519.168

Analysis of the mathematical model of the propagation of injection from reservoirs into atmosphere / Timkiv D.F., Onatsko R.G., Naslednikova M.A. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. - 2009. - N 2. - P. 117 - 121.

There are made calculations according realization of the constructed mathematical model and analysis of the received results with determining regularities of shaping clouds of pollutions in air environment, aroused by the pollution of the steel vertical reservoirs, which are steam phase of the oil and oil products. Using proposed approach allows to increase efficiency and prediction of spreading allows to increase efficiency and prediction of spreading unhealthy evaporations on the industry entertainment enterprises of the oil complex, what allows to improve technic-economical indices in the nearest future. Fig.: 1. Refs.: 3 titles.

UDC 007; 681.3

Method of research of systems of productions with successive organization of technological cycle / Klimenko A.V. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. - 2009. - N 2. - P. 122 - 128.

The approach to the simulation of technological processes of production with sequential organization with the help of programmatic-technological simulation complex on the basis of analysis of functioning features of sequential probabilistic technological processes of production with the research method, which is the Monte Carlo combination of procedures, semi-Markov models and procedures of analysis of technological process of operating situation is examined. Refs.: 2 titles.

UDC 681.3

Project approach to management  by state finance / Perfilova N.М. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. - 2009. - N 2. - P. 129 - 138.

The analysis of existent methods of management by the state budget is conducted. Programmatic-having a special purpose approach is analysed in a budgetary process, the lacks of introduction are exposed in Ukraine. Application of methodology of projects management is offered for the increase of efficiency of programmatic-having a special purpose method of management by the budget of country. Refs.: 5 titles.


UDC 62.019

Calculation of spare elements in complete sets of the ZIP on the basis of  DN-distribution / Strelnikov V.P., Shou Weichao // Mathematical Machines and Systems. - 2009. - N 2. - P. 139 - 144.

Design procedures of sufficiency of the ZIP, quantities of nonrestorable spare elements on the basis of use as theoretical model of refusals of elements and a product of two-parametrical  DN-distribution are presented.

UDC 681.32.019

Standartization in the sphere of information technologies / Chumakova T.Ya., Tsuganenko S.M. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. - 2009. - N 2. - P. 145 - 150.

In the paper the brief review of international organizations on standardization in the field of information technologies is presented. The organizational structure of International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is presented. The types of wares (international standard, technical specification, technical report, publicly available specification, international workshop agreement), which organization develops are indicated. Refs.: 7 titles.

UDC 004.934.1'1

Methodology of control of manufacturing units quality / Fedorov Ye.Ye. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. - 2009. - N 2. - P. 151 - 160.

In the article the methodology of quality control of manufacturing of units of electromechanical systems at plants-manufacturers based on methods of digital processing of a signal and the theory of a pattern recognition, including techniques of a classification, identification of pattern of classes, goal formation, recognition, and also rule decision making is offered. For offered methods the outcomes of numerical research are resulted. Figs.: 5. Refs.: 4 titles.

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