On June 3-4, the delegation of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) visited Ukraine to hold a working meeting at the Institute of Mathematical Machines and Systems Problems (IMMSP) of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in the framework of the MODARIA II project "Modeling and Data for the Assessment of Radiological Impact". The purpose of the IAEA project is to increase the capacity of member states to simulate radionuclide transfer in the environment, assess the levels of exposure to the population and the environment in order to provide an adequate protection level.
It is planning to hold an 14th international scientific-practical conference with international participation “Mathematical and Imitational Simulation of Systems.MODS’2019”.
There will be considered the scientific and methodic questions in the direction of modeling complex ecological, technical, physic, economical, production, organizational and information systems with using mathematical and imitation methods.

 06/2019        It is planning to hold an 12th  remotely-organized scientific-practical conference with international participation “Decision Support Systems. Theory and Рractice. DSS-2019”.
There will be discussed the different aspects of design of support systems of making decisions on all management levels. The special attention will be paid to the principles of design of systems of support making decisions at the highest state level, where the value of mistaken administrative decisions is the highest.



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