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Dear ladies and gentlemen!

Colleagues and friends!
   We are pleased to welcome you to our website. I sincerely hope that after you have become acquainted with its sections and content, as well as with our talented creative staff, we will be truly interesting and useful for you.
  History is known to be the passed road and as people say there is no way back. But such a unique phenomenon as the Internet has been refuting the established laws. Now, thanks to our website, you can turn the pages of history, witness how our institute – the creation of the world-renowned Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics – was born. Here you can also learn about its formation as the pioneering institution in the USS. Having been established among the first ones in the USSR, the Institute is no doubt a leading center for computer production and software development. On our website, you can learn how it was created, developed, and over the years internationally recognized. And now, we have not lost the obtained position. For 31 years Ukraine has been following the way of independent democratic development. One of the visit cards of our young country is a developed information technology that is a great achievement of mind and hands of our staff.

   The Institute of Mathematical Machines and Systems Problems of the Ukraine National Academy of Science (IMMSP NASU) was formed in 1992 as a direct evolution from the Special Design Bureau of Mathematical Machines and Systems (SDB MMS) of Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics that was created in 1963. There is every reason to call SDB the cradle of the first known PC MIR, control machines "Dnepr", the specialized computer complex (SCC) "Delta" and other control systems. IMMSP NASU has grown on this solid foundation. Today, IMMSP NASU is a leading national scientific center in the situation control sphere, modeling of the decision making and other innovative information technologies.
    Of course, neither machines nor technologies
have made the Institute known, but our talented, purposeful, and dedicated people who are obsessed with scientific ideas and search. Nowadays the scientific potential of Glushkov's school, which was created over four decades ago, is further developing, enriching, generating new ideas, new technological solutions, and introducing society to the boundless world of knowledge.
    Today, the structure of IMMSP NASU,
which is a part of the Department of Geosciences of NAS of Ukraine, comprises 10 scientific and research divisions and 2 design and technological divisions, 2 scientific and research laboratories. The total number of employees is 167.
    IMMSP NASU conducts research in such priority fields as intellectualized systems of statehood, automated systems for ecological monitoring,
modeling of decision making, intelligent information systems based on neurocomputers, systems for the testing of microelectronic production of NCS technology, information security in computer and telephone networks, information technology for health protection and many others. The fact is far from being complete, indeed. The importance of these research areas for the developing democracy of Ukraine is difficult to overestimate since one unresolved strategic problem may cause hundreds of new tactical problems in public policy. That is why the modeling of social and political processes is very important for Ukraine during this transition period. The developed by our specialists systemic approaches with scientific and analytical supporting and corresponding informational technology reinforce the importance of decision making on the highest state level and become an essential and important instrument for them.
    The most important research and development
s have been devoted to the Situation Center of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine and for the information analytical system "RADA" of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. In addition, our Institute is the main organization that develops the organizational systems of the Ukrainian Parliament. Among our famous regular customers, there are Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Central Electoral Commission, the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, State emergency service of Ukraine, etc.

    Welcome, dear friends! We will be glad if you become our frequent visitors and our cooperation will continue and grow even stronger. We wish you the best of luck and interesting discoveries!

       Last modified: Apr 1, 2022