Mathematical Machines and Systems. 2014 #2



 UDC 004.3

Spintronics and its contribution to element base of computer science. P.2 /
Voitovych I.D.,  Korsunsky V.M. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. – 2014. – N2. – P. 3 – 21. 

This paper describes such important contributions of spintronics to
an element base of computer science as the “track” memory, spintronic relays, logic spintronic valves, magnetic cellular automatons, spintronic logic elements with “lateral spin transfer” using single-domain and “nonlocal” spin-transport magnetic reversal. Figs.: 11. Refs.: 53 titles.

UDC 004.31, 538945, 530145

On the estimation of the microprograms length in a conversion system of the abstract register / Belyaev A.K., Klymenko V.P. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. – 2014. – N 2. – P. 22 – 26.

In this work we consider the problem of estimating the microprograms length in a system of permutations of the abstract register. Minimum possible length microprograms are interpreted using a structural means of adequate description of quantum permutations. Tabl.: 1. Refs.: 5 titles.

UDC 681.3

Division operation for parallel computing systems. P. 2 / Ledyankin Yu.Ya. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. – 2014. – N 2. – P. 27 – 42.

It is proposed the digital method of performing arithmetic division operations (OD). Algorithm provides the parallelizing of computational process, its acceleration and improved accuracy. It is based on carrying out the steps of operations in the matrix algebra and realization of digital arithmetic in Boolean (possibly multi-valued) algebra. The variants of the execution of operation and examples of solutions are regarded. It is suggested the development of similar projects for the creation and using combined data processing algorithms by applying other algebras in combination with the digital arithmetic methods. Refs.: 6 titles. 


 UDC 004.2

Solution of optimization problems in DS justifying projects according to DOTMLPF methods / Kryazhych O.O. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. – 2014. – N 2. – P. 43 – 50.

The article considers the possibilities of applying the requirements of the strategic management of DOTMLPF for validation of decision support models in enterprise management during an emergency. Solution of optimization problems for substantiation of projects under the specified requirements of the strategic management is proposed. Conclusions about practical using of the approach were made. Tabl.: 3. Refs.: 12 titles.

 UDC 621.391

Evaluating the effectiveness of information technology for wireless access systems, constructed on the basis of optimal orthogonal multifrequency signal constructions / Yarylovets A.V., Nazaruk V.D., Zaitsev S.V. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. – 2014. – N 2. – P. 51 – 58.

In this paper we evaluated the effectiveness of information technology of constructing a system of OFDM-FHSS based on optimal time-frequency signal-code structures and its comparison with the OFDM technology was made. Таbl.: 3. Figs.: 5. Refs.: 7 titles.

 UDC 004.912: 004.632

An automated system for processing dynamic collections of multilingual text documents on marine and river business / Lytvynov V.V., Moyseenko O.P. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. – 2014. – N 2. – P. 59 – 64.

The system of automated processing of large volumes of dynamic, text information was represented. The system performs search functions, classification, categorization and clusterization of text documents at user requests. Figs.: 2. Refs.: 6 titles.

UDC 681.3

Assessment of the controlling properties of the base dictionary of valid words in the system of automatic detection of user errors / Lytvynov V.A., Maystrenko S.Ya.,
Khurtsilava K.V. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. – 2014. – N 2. – P. 65 – 70.

A simulation model of distortion of words and detection of user errors has been developed. The simulation results for dictionaries of the Russian and Ukrainian languages have been demonstrated. Assessment of the real controlling properties of the dictionary, allowing to evaluate its quality, has been made. Tabl.: 3. Figs.: 3. Refs.: 5 titles.

UDC 528.06

Analysis of selection methods of the most informative spectral bands to explore remote sensing objects / Alpert S.I. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. – 2014. – N 2. –
71 – 77.

Multispectral data provide capability for discrimination between many land cover types. But the great number of spectral bands is problematic for statistical classification techniques. In this article we considered some methods for selection of the most effective and most informative spectral bands. In this work we considered Band Selection method for Hyperspectral Data Analysis and Automatic Clusterization. It was also proposed a new approach to select spectral bands, which is based on the concept of criterion function of information capability of spectral bands. In this article we also considered and analyzed some examples using criterion function of information capability. Refs.: 16 titles.

UDC 621.438:622

Optimization of technology choice and integration of repair and maintenance units of the linear part of main gaslines / Ostapyuk I.I. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. – 2014. – N 2. – P. 78 – 83.

 The problem of choosing the best organizational and technological options of repair and maintenance units (RMU) functioning was regarded. A mathematical model of maintenance system (MS) of the linear part of the main gasline (LP MG) was developed. The methodology to assess the optimality of organizational and technological solutions (the objective function in the form of average total unit costs for MR LP MG based on indicators of reliability and maintainability of the gas transportation system) depending on the characteristics of the structural location of the RMD in the MRO system and the mode of functioning units during control and rehabilitation measures was given. Refs.: 4 titles.


UDC 681.3, 004.4

Quality management of organizational decisions based on formalized corporate knowledge. P. 2. Quality of organizational decisions and its support / Ilyina O.P. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. – 2014. – N 2. – P. 84 – 96.

 The system of the knowledge models for corporative organization decisions is proposed. The 6-stage decision process model is developed. The models of both product-based and process-based quality for organization decisions are worked out together with the mechanism of their using to intensify decision makers activity effectiveness. Таbl.: 1. Figs.: 4. Refs.: 9 titles.

UDC 004.9:504:519.6

Using OpenFoam computational hydrodynamic model to assess the impact of polluted buildings on adjacent territories / Khalchenkov O.V., Kovalets I.V. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. – 2014. – N 2. – P. 97 – 104.

The paper presents the results of OpenFoam software application to assess the average annual pollution characteristics around the buildings of the former uranium industrial plant. It was used OpenFoam “designer of models” with the help of which the existing models were adapted to describe emission of the pollutants from the industrial buildings by introducing additional terms in the original equations. High numerical efficiency of the model was demonstrated. The calculated non-dimensional concentrations near buildings were presented. Figs.: 4. Refs.: 4 titles.

UDC 519.85

Semidefinite optimization in the sensor network localization problem / Kosolap A.I., Peretyatko A.S. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. – 2014. – N 2. – P. 105 – 112.

Sensor network localization problem with minimization of deviation norm from required distances is considered. For its solving semidefinite relaxation and new semidefinite simplex-method are used. The method was implemented and numerical experiments were performed. They show that semidefinite relaxation is efficient for this class of problems. Figs.: 2. Refs.: 15 titles.

UDC 624.048–033.26:621.651

The continuum approach in a grouting model / Demchuk M.B., Saiyouri N. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. – 2014. – N 2. – P. 113 – 116.

 The value of the maximal pore size whereby the continuum approach can still be adopted for modeling cement grout propagation in saturated sand during permeation grouting is obtained. Refs.: 14 titles.

 UDC 519.242:519.6

Plans of experiments for high precision models / Radchenko S.G., Kozyr O.V. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. – 2014. – N 2. – P. 117 – 127.

Statistic features of the LPτ sequences are examined in the article. They are ranged according to the criterion of minimum coefficient of pair correlation. The plans of experiments with the ability of consistent planning are presented as well. Received results confirm the advanced hypothesis about advantage of the LPτ plans of experiments in approximation of the initial data and receiving the architectures of models corresponding to the architectures of the true models. Таbl.: 3. Figs.: 8. Refs.: 9 titles.

 UDC 629.735.05.017 (076.5)

Statistical analysis of the functions errors of decision making under tolerance control of working capacity of avionics components / Gribov V.M., Smolych D.V. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. – 2014. – N 2. – P. 128 – 136.

The behaviour of the functions errors under decision making on a technical condition under tolerance control of defining parameters of avionics components is investigated. The research tool are statistical experiments on the models – the computer programs simulating process of situations formation “false reject” and “not found out the reject” at the control under admissions. Таbl.: 1. Figs.: 8. Refs.: 4 titles.


 UDC 681.18.656.25

Radio Microprocessor information systems for railway crossings of “Blagovest” series / Fedukhіn O.V., Mukha Ar.A. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. – 2014. – N 2. –
137 – 141.

The problem of traffic safety improving at railway crossings was regarded. The description of the technical facilities and the working arrangements of the information systems for the railway crossings of “Blagovest” series was given. Figs.: 3. Refs.: 4 titles.

UDC 623.6-523.8:623.4.017

Mathematical models of reliability of typical Phased Array Apertures taking into account sudden and gradual failures of super high frequency modules / Kostanovsky V.V. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. – 2014. – N 2. – P. 142 – 150.

 This article discusses the mathematical reliability models of Phased Array Apertures radar under various laws of distribution of time to failure of SHF modules, taking into account the presence of sudden and gradual failures. On the basis of received formulas and equations are constructed and analyzed nomograms for determining the probability of failure-free operation, the failure rate and mean time to failure of standard Phased Array Apertures for the five types of distribution laws of time to failure: exponential, Weibull, the diffused non-monotonic, generalized exponential and mixture of two distributions exponential and Weibull. Таbl.: 5. Figs.: 7. Refs.: 3 titles.

UDC 004.02

One of the examples of using of the fault finding method in complex devices taking into account external factors / Nikitenko Ye.V. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. – 2014. – N 2. – P. 151 – 160.

 The experimental verification of the developed fault finding method taking into account the external factors was conducted. The results showed higher efficiency of improved method compared to the basic approach. Particularities of this method which is used in the diagnosis of complex electronic devices will allow quickly identify the faulty unit in the scheme. Таbl.: 3. Figs.: 11. Refs.: 3 titles.

                                       DISCUSSION NEWS

 UDC 001.8, 001.11, 004.81

The Universe Model as a radical reform of modern science / Sosnytsky O.V. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. – 2014. – N 2. – P. 161 – 177.

For the first time in the paper the fundamentals of the conception of the Universe Model that represents our Universe as a unitary whole and overcomes the conditions of the well-known Gödel's theorem of fundamental incompleteness of partial formalisms are investigated. For the first time it is shown that such the Model is quite possible, and its definition, the conditions of creation as well as the main properties are substantiated preserving its legitimacy following developing Science within the uniform universal paradigm framework. The Universe Model radically changes the scientific methodology and opens up essentially new possibilities of cognition of complicated Universe phenomena, first of all the so-called general (strong) Intelligence and the corresponding full-fledged thinking machines. Таbl.: 3. Figs.: 21. Refs.: 23 titles.

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