Mathematical Machines and Systems. 2011 #2



 UDC 618.086

Modern development features of computer algebra systems / Klimenko V.P., Lyahov O.L., Gvozdik D.М. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. - 2011. - N 2. - P. 3 - 18.

A review and analysis of major trends in the development of computer algebra systems (CAS) for the past decade is given. It is shown that the major trends at present are further development of CAS as a universal system of solving applied problems using numerical-analytical methods as well as intellectualization aimed at problem solving automation. A new trend in the computer algebra systems is intellectualization of software development phase and transformation of CAS into integrated developer's environment--to automate the process of solving complex problems. Figs.: 3. Refs.: 47 titles.


UDC 623.764

Air & missile defense with spatial grasp technology / Sapaty P.S. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. - 2011. - N 2. - P. 19 - 34.

A high-level technology is revealed which can effectively convert any distributed system into a globally programmable spatial machine capable of operating without any central resources and self-recovering from indiscriminate damages. Integral mission scenarios in Distributed Scenario Language (DSL) can be injected from any point, runtime covering & grasping the whole system or its parts, setting operational infrastructures and orienting local and global behavior in the way needed. Distributed DSL interpreter organization and benefits of using this technology for integrated air and missile defense are discussed along with programming examples in this and other fields. Figs.: 19. Refs.: 38 titles.

UDC 681.3

Applying situation center technologies for the foresight research automation / Vishnevskey V.V., Simonov S.V. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. - 2011. - N 2. - P. 35 - 40.

The necessity of forecasting technological and social development of countries with foresight research is considered. A concept using situation centers as a means of foresight research automation as well as organization of small groups of experts is proposed. Implementation as a web-based solution to automate various phases of the Delphi method such as formation of expert groups, creation of questionnaires, conducting surveys, and results generation at all steps of the poll is described. Fig.: 1. Refs.: 9 titles.

UDC 004.5

Logical-probabilistic model of stepwise prompt in user interface of the keyword-based search system/ Litvinov V.A., Maystrenko S.Ya., Oksanych I.М. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. - 2011. -  N2. - P. 41 - 49.

A model of stepwise prompt to a user in the problem of keyword-based search is proposed and studied. The model allows us to evaluate essential characteristics of the user interface depending on parameters of the set of keywords, probability distribution function to access it, and the volume of prompt. The results of simulation modeling of the prompt are presented. Tabl.: 3. Figs.: 3. Refs.: 6 titles.

UDC 519.6; 662.2

A computational geometric / information theoretic method to invert physics-based MEC models attributes for MEC discrimination / Deschaine L.M., Nordin P., Pintér Já.D. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. - 2011. - N 2. - P. 50 - 61.

The presence of subsurface munitions and explosives of concern (MEC) is a significant issue worldwide. Discrimination of MEC from non-MEC items enables resources be focused on mitigating risk. Geophysical data is collected and physically-based models inverted with the intent that the inverted model parameters form the basis for MEC discrimination. However, MEC discrimination via model inversion has significant difficulties in noisy environments and with uncertain sensor location. Our computational geometric approach is demonstrated to produce an information-rich set of attributes useful for MEC discrimination including the inverted model information content along with valuable additional information not obtainable using the inversion approach. Tabl.: 4. Figs.: 11. Refs.: 10 titles.

UDC 004.652.4+004.827

Analysis of decision-making methods in medical systems / Shahovska N.B., Melnykova N.I. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. - 2011. - N 2. - P. 62 - 72.

An analysis of decision-making methods used in solving complexly formalized problems of medical diagnostics and treatment is made. A formal model of medical expert system whose task is the selection of a mechanism for medical pharmaceutical scheme is introduced. Tabl.: 2. Fig.: 1. Refs.: 13 titles.

UDC 004.519.712 +004.92

Regional search for the set of moving points / Tereschenko V.M., Skliarovsky S.Ye. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. - 2011. - N2. - Р. 73 - 80.

A modification of data structures in the form of Bx-trees for constructing effective algorithms of regional search on the set of moving points in Euclidean space Ed is proposed. Figs.: 4. Refs.: 5 titles.

UDC 681.2:532.137

Real time modeling of the information-measurement system for physical-chemical parameters of oil products / Drevetsky V.V., Klepatch M.M. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. - 2011. - N 2. - P. 81 - 84.

Modeling of the system of automated control of oil products quality characteristics based on hydrodynamic measuring method in real-time mode is implemented by means of MATLAB Simulink and Real-Time Windows Target. Dynamic and static properties of the system are established. The simulation results are used in the development of an experimental specimen of automated system of oil products quality characteristics control. Figs.: 4. Refs.: 2 titles.


UDC 004.85

An approach to modeling optic parameters of multilayer optical disc / Lapchuk A.S., Kryuchin A.A. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. - 2011. - N 2. - Р. 85 - 91.

A method for calculation of optical parameters of multilayer read-only optical disc is proposed, which reduces the synthesis problem of optical disc recording layers to the solution of first order differential equation. By satisfying boundary and physics conditions, an analytical formula is obtained for the dependence of parameters of recording layers from acceptable signal level. It is shown that using information layers without dissipative losses allows us to create ROM-format media having dozens of layers with information capacity of 500-2000 GB. The titanium oxide has been proposed to be used as recording layers. Tabl.: 1. Figs.: 5. Refs.: 15 titles.

UDC 519.2+600.1

Hyper-random Markov models / Gorban I.I. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. - 2011. - N 2. - Р. 92 - 99.

The notion of Markov random process has been generalized on hyper-random process. Equations similar to known Kolmogorov equations for Markov random process have been obtained for hyper-random Markov process. As examples, Wiener and Gaussian hyper-random Markov processes have been researched. Fig.: 1. Refs.: 7 titles.

UDC 004.9:504:519.6

Assimilation of measurement data in Eulerian computational fluid dynamics model of atmospheric dispersion / Kovalets I.V. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. - 2011. - N 2. - P. 100 - 105.

An algorithm of assimilation of measurement data in computational fluid dynamics model is presented. The preliminary results of data assimilation demonstrate good quality of the results obtained. The proposed algorithm can be used in real-time decision support systems. Tabl.: 1. Refs.: 5 titles.

UDC 330.43

Fuzzy modeling in a macroeconomic analysis / Rzayev R.R., Namazov R.B., Imranov I.R. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. - 2011. - N 2. - P. 106 - 112.

Within the framework of fuzzy macro model of a national commodity market the basic theoretical concepts such as investment and savings functions are considered. Their correct identification on the short-term period is important for the rupture elimination between supply and demand on a national scale. On the example of arbitrary data an identification method of investment and savings functions in the fuzzy environment is offered. Tabl.: 3. Figs.: 2. Refs.: 6 titles.

UDС 004.9; 681.5

A method of synthesis of unknown external disturbance equivalent for dynamic objects / Slavko O.G. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. - 2011. - N 2. - P. 113 - 120.

A method of synthesis of unknown external disturbance equivalent for dynamic objects described by first- and second-order differential equations is developed. It allows us to control dynamic objects on the basis of implicit mathematical model of a controlled object under low a priori information about the control process. Examples of results of the proposed method for typical and untypical external disturbances are shown. Figs.: 3. Refs.: 9 titles.

UDC 519.86

Optimization of investments of enterprises in a computer model of market economy / Kosolap A.I., Mosyakov I.V. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. - 2011. - N 2. - Р. 121 - 124.

A methodology of calculation of optimum volumes of investments of enterprises and their structure on the basis of complex mathematical market model is offered. The model is implemented within Excel_SP superstructure with built in language for programming complex systems. Conducted numerous experiments have shown efficiency of the technique offered. Tabl.: 1. Fig.: 1. Refs.: 4 titles.

UDC 519.242.5:519.233.5

Formalization of the establishment of multifactor experimental research / Radchenko S.H. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. - 2011. - N 2. - P. 125 - 130.

The paper deals with setting experimental research from general system positions. The requirements to stable (robust) plans of experiments, stable structures of multifactor statistical models and stability of the model coefficients have been formulated for the first time. Examples of a successful use of the developed method of correct solution of multifactor regression problems are presented. Refs.: 9 titles.

UDC 681.3:519.68

An approach to forecasting epidemiological situation for influenza SARS using time series / Viyun V.I., Eremenko T.K., Kuzmenko G.E., Mikhnenko Yu.A. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. - 2011. - N 2. - P. 131 - 136.

A possibility of applying the methodology and analysis of multivariate time series for short-term forecasting of the epidemiological process is explored. Real data from monitoring the influenza epidemic SARS in Kiev (official website of Ministry of Health in November 2009 - January 2010) was used for the simulation. Figs.: 6. Refs.: 10 titles.

 UDC 519.6

Numerical investigation of the pressure filtration process in thin channels environment / Slupko O.M., Savula Y.G., Djakonyuk L.M. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. - 2011. - N 2. - P. 137 - 142.

A mathematical model describing pressure filtration process in the environment with thin channels is proposed. A series of calculations is performed and the dependence of pressure and fluid flow velocity under different indices of the push and filtration coefficient is investigated. The results of calculation experiments with determination of pressure and fluid velocity within the offered model's framework are presented and analyzed. Conclusions on applicability of the formulated model are made by the results obtained. Figs.: 9. Refs.: 5 titles.

 UDC 519.6

On the problem of suppression of geometric noises: an algorithm of spatial regulation of unequally placed matrix photoreception elements / Saptsin V.M., Olkhova Y.О., Glebov A.О. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. - 2011. - N 2. - Р. 143 - 152.

An analysis of the problem of suppression of geometric noises in the matrix image converter is carried out. A model of matrix with randomly placed photoreception elements is considered. Procedures and algorithms allowing us to shape the matrix of regularly placed virtual photoreception elements with given resolution are offered and their computer modeling is performed. Results of numerical experiments confirm workability of the procedures and algorithms offered, as well as show existence and necessity of finding optimal conditions for their implementation. Tabl.: 4. Figs.: 5. Refs.: 16 titles.

UDC 004.942

Modeling structure and functionality of technological problems on the restrictions basis / Vovk R.B. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. - 2011. - N 2. - P. 153 - 161.

Formal substantiation of definitions of a technological problem with weight, probability and possibility coefficients and introduced necessity measure is presented, which allows us to operate with satisfaction degree characteristics and ordering relations on weights for selected technological problem states with imposed constraints hierarchy. A procedure of actual formulation of a technological problem on the set of its potential under-constrained or over-constrained sub-problems is described. Refs.: 11 titles.

UDC 004.4: 378.14

Simulation modeling of the control system of educational process at universities/colleges using object-oriented approach / Stetsenko I.V. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. - 2011. - N 2. - Р. 162 - 170.

The paper considers simulation of the control system of college educational process based on object-oriented methodology (ООМ). Using timed Petri net for describing dynamics of objects allows for a quick construction of simulation algorithms of the complex system. The model is implemented in Java/J2SE. The study of this model allows us to find optimal control parameters of the educational process. Figs.: 10. Refs.: 4 titles.

 UDC 004.519.681

Algorithmization of fuzzy multi-criteria tasks of choice / Malyar M.M. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. - 2011. - N 2. - Р. 171 - 177.

An approach to the solution of fuzzy multi-criteria tasks of choice is considered. Related algorithms are described and examples of their implementation are given. Tabl.: 2. Refs.: 10 titles.


UDC 621.3.019.3

Simulation modeling of fault-tolerant dual reservation system in the MATLAB SIMULINK integrated tool environment / Fedukhin A.V., Mukha Ar.A. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. - 2011. - N 2. - P. 178 - 181.

The paper deals with the problem of modeling fault-tolerant digital systems. A simulation model of double-channel reservation fault-tolerant system with reconfiguration is proposed. Figs.: 4. Refs.: 5 titles.


UDC 001.895; 351.746; 316.422

On the concept of innovative component of national security (preliminary remarks and investigation). Рart 1 / Morozov A.О., Dzhelali V.I. // Mathematical Machines and Systems. - 2011. - N 2. - Р. 182 - 192.

Originating from obligatory fulfillment of the demand of system completeness in the creation of social systems, a notion of concept is proposed. The acute actuality of radical and system-complete perfection of innovative development (technologies, organization, and innovative activity spirit), which defines security of both an individual person and the country as a whole in key aspects of any activity, is shown. Refs.: 27 titles.

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