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Vladimir L. Kosolapov (Ph.D.)

photoVladimir L. Kosolapov (Ph.D.)

INSTITUTIONAL ADDRESS: Head of the Department Institute of Mathematical Machines and System Problems Ukraine National Academy of Science
Prospect Academica Glushkova, 42
Kyiv-187, MSP, 03650, Ukrainetel.: tel.: 38 (044) 526-0786, fax: 38 (044) 526-4091

e-mail: kosol[at]

Teremkovskaya ul. 7, apt. 6,  Kyiv-187, 03187, UKRAINE
tel.: 38 (044) 526-0795

BORN: 1953, Riga, Latvia

Received the certificate of the RAND corporation course under the title "Peace, Defence, and Security Policy", October 1992 - Concentration: Priority direction strategy making;
Risk ranking decision-making on a state level

Ph.D., Special Desing Centre of Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics Ukraine Academy of Sciences, Kyiv, USSR, 1976 - 1996

M.A., Shevchenko Kyiv University, Department of Appliyed Cybernetics, Kyiv, USSR, 1971 - 1975

Activity: member of the Europian Sociological Association (1997)

Professional Activity:
Head of the Project:
"Monitoring the National Interests of Ukraine" (1993-1996 yy.) Supported by the National Committee of Science and Technology of Ukraine

Selected professional publications:

  1. Kosolapov, V., (1995) Informational and control flows in informational-analytical system RISK-1 // Control Systems and Machines, v. 1-2, pp. 88-93. (in Russian).
  2. Kosolapov, V., Driuchyn, Y., Yavorsky, O., Lypskykh, S., Salamatov, V. (1994) Indicators of security // Vithe., v.10, pp.13-23. (in Ukrainian).
  3. Kosolapov, V. Girnyk, A., Salamatov, V. (1994) The structure of subjective notions of Ukraine national interests// Vistnik Akademyi Nauk Ukrainu, v.1, pp.72-76. (in Ukrainian).
  4. Kosolapov, V. (1994) . Insuring cybernetics advisor// Vithe.,v..3, pp.61-64. (in Ukrainian).
  5. Kosolapov, V., Morozov, A. (1993) The Basis of Geopolitical and Economic Monitoring// Control Systems and Machines., v. 4, pp. 20-24. (in Russian).
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