A universal control module was developed for the components of technical systems which is able to communicate by special language of distributed scripting with other modules and organize a gradual transition to unmanned distributed systems that provide autonomous making decisions in critical situations. A grant program of the fund Humboldt was received.

It was designed distributed scripting language with advanced features of parallel and distributed processing and integrated spatial vision and making decisions.

A new version of high-level language to manage large dynamic distributed systems Spatial Language Capture (SLC) was developed and tested.

For robotic systems operating under uncertainty, the improved high-level language is Language of Spatial Capture to solve problems in heterogeneous dynamic areas of both physical and virtual. The principle of distributed systems of Intellect, Surveillance and Intelligence service based on high-level network technology was developed. 

A new high-level approach to distributed processing and management is developed, which allows finding real-time solutions for irregular and crisis situations that can occur at any time and in different parts of the world. The proposed model and technology are based on the coverage of distributed dynamic systems with the help of self-navigating spatial templates capable of self-propagation and self-modification, which are specified in a special high-level recursive language.

There was developed a new version of Spatial Grasp Technology based not on traditional interacting parts or agents as before but on a top-level self-distributed, reproducible and self-modifying code that encompasses and compares distributed systems at runtime, thus ensuring global integrity, purposefulness and search for effective solutions.

A framework for the deep integration of different objects which allows combining advanced distributed modeling with spatial parallel and fully distributed control within the same high-level and very simple formalism of Spatial Grasp Technology and its basic Spatial Grasp Language was developed as well. 

There were developed n
ew ways of applying the latest version of Spatial Grasp Technology based on mobile recursive scripts expressed in a special high-level spatial grasp language which was patented as a technology version of Spatial Grasp Language and can independently cover distributed environments and form in them potent spatial infrastructures capable of solving any distributed problems.


       Last modified: Jun 20, 2023