Mathematical Machines and Systems. 2016 #4



UDC 681.3

The electronic brain for intellectual systems and robots / V.O. Iashchenko // Mathematical Machines and Systems. 2016. – N 4. P. 3 – 17.

The technology of creation of the electronic brain for intellectual systems and androids is offered. Our solution of the problem of development of the electronic brain is the new architecture developed on the basis of a new type of the neural networks which do not have analog. On the basis of the multidimensional receptor-effector neural-like growing networks the theory and technology of development of systems with artificial intelligence is created. The technology is intended for creation of intellectual systems and robots of different function, and also for object management, having sensors and executive mechanisms. In the long term it is expected the receiving of full-fledged artificial intelligence. The purpose consists in realizing development of the artificial intelligence with new active, associative, uniform matrix structure for robots of various applications. It will allow creating robots assistants for the person which can understand the person and completely replace him in routine work or in dangerous places. The electronic brain can be used in any sphere of robotics, to be the virtual assistant in the normal computer or independent intellectual system. Figs.: 18. Refs.: 18 titles.

UDC 004.27; 004.25; 004.382.2

Intelligent distributed memory system with hierarchical ring-bus circuits / V.P. Boyun, Yu.S. Yakovlev // Mathematical Machines and Systems. 2016. – N 4. P. 18 – 32.

The architectural and structural organization of intelligent distributed memory system (IDMS) with hierarchical ring-bus circuits, which application provides parallelization of the algorithm for solving user problems in two or more levels is considered. It results in essential increasing IDMS productivity as a whole in comparison with the use of one ring-bus circuit. The main functions of constituting IDMS units and blocks are resulted and system functioning as a whole is considered. Preliminary estimate of application effectiveness of hierarchical ring-bus circuits as a part of IDMS is given. Tabl.: 2. Figs.: 3. Refs.: 12 titles.


UDC 528.9

Prototype version of the “Air” system to calculate the affected areas as a result of hazardous emissions into the atmosphere through the use of screening models and Web-based technologies / S.Ya. Maystrenko, I.V. Kovalets, V.P. Bespalov, T.O. Zagreba, K.V. Khurtsilava // Mathematical Machines and Systems. 2016. – N 4. P. 33 – 41.

In the work the calculations of affected areas following the discharges of dangerous substances in air using screening models were automated in a pilot version of the software and simulation system of operational air pollution forecasting in Ukraine. Software implementation is performed using modern Web-based technologies that provide such important features as distributivity and multiplatform operation. Figs.: 11. Refs.: 12 titles.

UDC 65.01

Metamodel of the meeting lifecycle / O.V. Malyshev // Mathematical Machines and Systems. – 2016. –   N 4. – P. 42 – 53.

Meeting is a traditional and effective mean of solving various problems. Like every phenomenon linked to human activities, the meeting has its own lifecycle, which simulation has scientific and practical interest. This paper proposes a metamodel of the meeting lifecycle, which, on the one hand, reflects traditional notions about it, and on the other, could serve as a basis for the development of appropriate automation means. Таbl.: 11. Figs.: 3. Refs.: 14 titles.

004:519.876; 004.93

The content and structure of the client-server system of modeling the behavior of navigation and monitoring complexes of variable application / A.M. Kasim // Mathematical Machines and Systems. 2016. – N 4. P. 54 – 67.

The paper formulates topical scientific and applied task of creating a system that simulates the functions of collecting, processing and display of geo-referenced data about mobile objects and the correlated with them attribute data of cartographic background to solve the control and management problems of moving objects within the navigation and monitoring complexes of variable application. The solution of the task was carried out using a client-server technology to build software that underlies the functioning of the developed modeling system. The characteristic of the main components of the system, their interrelation and development tools are given. Much attention is paid to the description of the logical structure of relational databases of symbols of moving objects and cartographic background and organization of information interaction between the database server and the client applications that visualize the aggregated results of the processing query to both databases in the form of dynamic scenes. The proposed system can serve as a prototype for creation of effective navigation-monitoring complexes, and is also intended to form the basis for further research on this topic in terms of improvement or refinement of existing systems, taking into account the identified deficiencies in the interests of the entire range of users. Figs.: 3. Refs.: 25 titles.

UDC 519.8

A mathematical model of multi-criteria optimization on the set of combinations under the construction of computer networks / L.M. Koliechkina, A.M. Nagirna // Mathematical Machines and Systems. – 2016. – N 4. – P. 68 – 75.

A combinatorial mathematical model of multi-criteria optimization used under the construction of computer networks is considered in this paper. It is proposed a new approach to solve this type of problems defined on configuration of interfaces, taking into account their representation as a graph. Refs.: 18 titles.

UDC 004.942

Modeling of dialect text in a multi-level information monitoring technology / S.V. Golub, H.I. Martynova, M.S. Golub // Mathematical Machines and Systems. 2016. – N 4. P. 76 – 83.

The results of research processes modeling of dialect texts within the multi- level information monitoring technology are regarded in the article. A new method of classifying text messages at the residence of their authors is proposed. The signs for classification got after decomposition of text and calculating their frequency characteristics. For synthesis models used GMDH. The quantity correctly classified texts from 78% to 100%. Convert text messages in an array input allows the advantage of multi-level modeling techniques in information technology monitoring text messages. Figs.: 1. Tabl.: 3. Refs.: 11 titles.

                         SIMULATION AND MANAGEMENT

UDC 519.711:004.942/669(477)

Effect of endogenous variables on the development of the metallurgical industry of Ukraine in Global Trade Analysis Project program / A.M. Kryvohub, K.V. Novoderezhkina // Mathematical Machines and Systems. 2016. – N 4. P. 84 – 96.

The influence of endogenous variables on the metallurgical industry in the Global Trade Analysis Project program was considered in the paper. The analysis to assess the influence factors on the economy of Ukraine and the metallurgical industry was performed. Таbl.: 17. Refs.: 3 titles.

UDC 536.24

Method of solving the Neumann spatial generalized boundary problem of cylinder heat exchange with the help of new integral conversion / M.G. Berdnyk // Mathematical Machines and Systems. 2016. – N 4. P. 97 – 105.

A mathematical model of the temperature distribution in a piecewise homogeneous cylinder, which rotates at a constant angular velocity about the axis OZ, taking into account the finite speed of propagation of heat in the form of the Neumann boundary problem of mathematical physics for the heat equation was worked out. It was developed a new in-integrand conversion for piecewise-homogeneous space, with the help of which it was found the temperature field of continuous piecewise homogeneous circular cylinder in the form of convergent orthogonal series of Bessel functions and of Fourier. Refs.: 10 titles. 

UDC 004.02: 004.942:007

On complexity of the problem of combinatorial optimization / M.V. Savelyev // Mathematical Machines and Systems. 2016. – N 4. P. 106 110.

The article considers one of the tasks of combinatorial optimization, linked with the practice problems of arrangement of staff with different competence on a variety of jobs that have restrictions on their execution order and the staff has inadequate preparation. A mathematical formulation of this problem is provided. It is shown the reduction to NP-complete “knapsack” problem for the case when the following restrictions on the subset are absent. Refs.: 17 titles.

UDC 519.237.5

Robust plans of experiment / S.M. Lapach // Mathematical Machines and Systems. 2016. – N 4. P. 111 – 121.

The historical development of experiments design and robust plans under traditional classification is considered. Based on the process approach and system analysis, a complex of requirements to plans of the experiment is proved. It is shown that the best way to satisfy this set of robust plans based on a pseudo-random uniformly distributed in the multidimensional space of sequences. Tabl.: 3. Figs.: 4. Regs.: 25 titles.

UDC 519.769

Alternative aggregation of ranking scores within the QS-technology ranging of higher education institutions / M.J. Mardanov, R.R. Rzayev // Mathematical Machines and Systems. – 2016. – N 4. – P. 122 – 133.

It is proposed an alternative approach to the assessments of aggregation of key indicators of universities according to QS-version based on the application of fuzzy inference method. As the valued alternatives there were selected world universities ranked according to QS WUR first ten places on the list. By results of the calculations it is obtained other ranking of top-universities, which is somewhat different from the version of QS WUR based on the weighted aggregate assessment of key performance indicators. Tabl.: 3. Refs.: 10 titles.

UDC 53.01:53.05+519.2

The threshold functions for the assessment of the interval of statistical stability / I.I. Gorban // Mathematical Machines and Systems. 2016. – N 4. P. 134 – 141.

The threshold function, usually used for the assessment of the interval of statistical stability does not divide processes correctly on statistically stable and unstable ones. The approach for optimization of the threshold function is proposed. It is found that using in practice of the optimized threshold function does not always justify. Figs.: 5. Refs.: 11 titles.


UDC 681.32.019.3

On the question of simulation of reliability of the two-channel nonrestorable computer system of special purpose / О.V. Fedukhin, V.P. Pasko // Mathematical Machines and Systems. 2016. – N 4. P. 142 – 145.

The article is devoted to further research of the reliability of kvazibridge nonrecoverable structure. The structure of the simulation results using the upgraded software package RELIABmod with a large number of nodes are presented and discussed. Figs.: 3. Refs.: 5 titles. 

UDC 621.3.019.3

The accuracy of computer systems operation / N.V. Cespedes Garcia // Mathematical Machines and Systems. 2016. – N 4. P. 146 – 151.

The methods to accuracy control of computer systems functioning were considered in the article. The classification of methods of accuracy control information was present. The questions of technical and information component of accuracy computer systems functioning were considered more detailed. Figs.: 2. Refs.: 4 titles.




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